Let’s learn Indonesian with us!

Interested in learning Indonesian yet you hardly have time to attend a language course, let alone going overseas to learn the language? Then it is time for you to engage in online one-on-one Indonesian class which you can take control of when and where your Indonesian class takes place. By taking a private class, you don’t need to waste time traveling to school as you can learn at almost anywhere you’d like to, either at home or at the office or even in the lobby hotel during your vacation! Our classes provide you total convenience that is easy to fit into a busy time schedule.

Why Learn Indonesian

There are many reasons why you should learn Indonesian language. As the fourth most populous nation in the world, Indonesia has attracted many investors and foreign workers to stay in many cities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. During their work here, they also have to interact with the locals, many of whom unfortunately do not speak the English language at all. As a result these foreign workers have no choice but to learn Indonesian in order to be able to communicate with the Indonesian people.

Sometimes being able to simply speak Indonesian is not enough, especially for those expatriates working in Indonesia whose job also requires them to analyze the report or attend the meeting which is often held in Indonesian language. Therefore learning in-depth Indonesian, such as Business Indonesian or other fields which has some technical terms, is essential for them.

What about those who do not intend to stay in Indonesia for a long period of time, such as researchers? Do they also need to learn Indonesian? Most researchers need to do their research by giving questionnaires or interviewing people, which also requires them to at least be able to convey their ideas in Indonesian which can be understood by the locals who are usually more familiar with the colloquial Indonesian. There are hardly any books that teach you colloquial or spoken Indonesian as colloquial language develops each time. In this case it would be much better if the learners also engage in learning Indonesian with the experts who can guide them how to master the spoken Indonesian in the most effective way possible.

What about travelers or tourists? Do they also need to learn Indonesian? Even though you are traveling with an English-speaking tour guide, it would be a lot better and easier if you can communicate directly with the locals so that you can really understand the actual way of life of the locals here. Even travelers also need to interact with the locals, for example when they are going shopping or have to purchase a ticket or simply ask directions. So even learning just simple Indonesian sentences will certainly help you a lot!

Take Indonesian lessons online now by Skype  or direct with us in Bandung, Indonesia, with an English speaking, native-Indonesian teacher, and enjoy the flexibility of learning Indonesian language at your desired time and place. All of our teachers are professional and have experienced teaching Indonesian for more than 12 years. All lessons are conducted in English.