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Planning to learn Bahasa Indonesian in the near future yet you do not have enough time to go to school let alone going to Indonesia to learn the language? Then it is time for you to learn Indonesian online by Skype. Nowadays with the communication technology has progressed significantly in the past decades, it has now become easier for you to do your daily activities, including learning a foreign language with the help of internet, which has helped a lot of eager learners to learn a language direct from the English speaking native teacher.

Why is it necessary for you to learn Bahasa Indonesian? There are many reasons why you should learn the language, and one of the main reasons is that because most Indonesians, especially those staying in rural areas do not speak the English language at all. If you plan to come to Indonesia, whether it is for business or school or simply for leisure, it is important for you just to master a little bit of Bahasa Indonesian, just to make you ‘survive’.

Bahasa Indonesian Schedules

As the leading Bahasa Indonesian school in Indonesia, we provide private online Indonesian lesson by Skype from elementary (basic) level to advanced level. Since it is an online, one-on-one class, you will get individual attention from our English speaking Indonesian native tutor. And what’s more, you also get the choice of selecting your own schedules and timings that can fit perfectly within your busy daily schedules, from Monday to Sunday (even on holidays such as New Year’s Eve if you want to J) from 6 am to 8 pm Jakarta time.

Bahasa Indonesian Lessons

The advantage of engaging in private online Indonesian lessons is that you get custom made lessons which are different from one student to another, even if you are in the same level, which are suited to each individual’s needs & level of competence.

Apart from the regular lessons we provide, the tutor also gives you additional exercises & homework to supplement your lessons.

As we emphasize more on developing our students’ skills in conversing in Indonesian (speaking and listening), we design our lesson materials in such a way that encourage our students to have more confidence in talking in Indonesian.  The learning materials will include grammar, mostly used vocabularies, lots of readings and samples of conversations which enable the students to learn not only formal Indonesian, but also spoken Indonesian (especially those in advanced classes). The interactive courses will first focus on sentence structures (grammar) and then the mostly used vocabularies.

Apart from the regular (general) class, we also offer short term Indonesian lessons with the following categories:

Learning Bahasa Indonesian online will not only assure you in understanding different words and how to use them in many different contexts but also teaches you how to speak and communicate in this beautiful language in the correct and proper way.

For more information about our Bahasa Indonesian lessons, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

Bahasa Indonesian

Bahasa Indonesian