Learn Indonesian Language in Bandung

Thinking of learning Indonesian in its original place where you can practice the language and learn the culture all at the same time? Then it is time that you should come to Bandung, Indonesia, to learn Indonesian directly with us!

Bandung, the capital of West Java, has long been known as one of the biggest cities in Indonesia with the coolest climate. Unlike any other places such as Yogyakarta or Bali, Bandung which is located on 700 meters above sea level has become the westerners’ favorite place for living since hundreds of years ago and that’s what makes Bandung earns the title ‘Parisj van Java’ or ‘Paris of Java’.



Why Learn Indonesian in Bandung

There are many good reasons of why you should come to Bandung to learn Indonesian.  Bandung is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia of which populations do not speak the English language, and that gives you the opportunity to practice your Indonesian language with the locals. There are several places in Indonesia where we can find easily people who speak moderately good English and that is on the other hand not an advantage for you since all these English speaking locals would prefer to practice their English language with you rather than let you practice your Indonesian language with them. So be smart. Choosing the proper city where you can learn Indonesian in Indonesia is a crucial part.

If you can find a moment to come to Bandung to learn the language directly with us, it will give you a new perspective of learning the Indonesian language. Whether you like it or not, you will make yourself use the language during the class and even outside the class when the lesson for the day is over. You’ll find lots of opportunities to learn & practice Indonesian with the people around you, either with the fruit seller at the market, the waiters at the restaurant, the staff at the hotel you’re staying in, or even just asking for a direction to a total stranger you meet on the street. All these experiences make you not only learn Indonesian, but also let it root deep inside you.

So what is the system like if you choose to come to Bandung to learn Indonesian? As in online lessons, we provide private teaching, or a 1-on-1 teaching method, where we provide customized learning materials with flexible schedules (Mondays to Sundays). If you would like to learn within a group, you can bring your own group or partner who is relatively in the same level of competence as yours.

The course fee for direct learning in Bandung is the same as those for online learners.

What about accommodation? At this moment we do not provide lodging facilities within the school, however there are 2 nice hotels (one of them is a brand new hotel) within walking distance to our school, and we can help you book the room prior to your coming to Bandung to learn Indonesian.


What are you waiting for? Come to Bandung now and learn Indonesian language with us!