Which one is better, learning Indonesian online or taking direct course in Bandung? Well, each has its own pros and cons. For those who have very limited time, online learning would be more preferable than coming to Indonesia to learn the language. However those who’d love to have experience in living in Bandung and practice the language, taking Indonesian course in Bandung would be a better choice.  Bandung is also more favorable than any other cities in Indonesia due to its cooler temperature.

We developed this online (e-learning) Indonesian course with three considerations in mind. Our main goal was to produce an online course that would give our students an introduction to real, everyday Indonesian, even when this meant omitting certain archaic forms and other forms that are falling into disuse.

We have opted to teach our students the language that is actually used in Indonesia today. We began with the premise that you want to learn to speak and understand the language as it is really used, rather than the textbook-style Indonesian that you might find elsewhere.

Second, we have endeavored to make the language as easy to learn as possible by focusing on the vocabulary and structure that you will really need. Specific terminology has only been included where absolutely necessary, especially in Specialist Indonesian E-Learning Programs, such as Business Indonesian, medical, IT, etc. Indonesian is rare among foreign languages in that it is a lot less complicated than others you might have learnt, so why complicated matters?

Third, we have chosen to concentrate on language that is functional and, above all, useful.

To achieve the goal of presenting authentic situational language, we have built the course around a series of exercises and dialogues that reflect the way Indonesians speak and use language naturally.

By the end of the course you will be able to function with confidence in Indonesian on a variety of topics and situations, and, most of all, you will understand and be understood.

How do We Teach?

Each class is carefully and uniquely designed for each student to help the students build confidence in speaking Indonesian as well as increasing vocabulary. Each learning session is structured in such a way that encourages the students to do much of the talking throughout the class by using different and interesting topics during each learning session, from business topics to social issues, love topics to health topics, from Indonesian at the office to spoken Indonesian. for every day’s usage.

What do You Need?

In order to engage in online learning, all you need is a personal computer or laptop or tablet equipped with an internet connection.  Since we will be communicating online through Skype, then you just have to download the Skype program for free from Skype.com. That’s it!

How to Start Your Indonesian Course

For those who have learnt Indonesian before, we will send you a placement test for you to complete by email. And for those who have never learn Indonesian before or would love to start from the basic, we will send you the lesson materials as soon as you have made the full payment by Paypal. Alternatively if you do not have any Paypal account, you can also send us the payment through Western Union.