We have several Indonesian classes available, from beginner’s class to advanced level. Those who wish to take conversation class should have basic Indonesian (or take beginner’s class) first which includes basic grammar, how to make sentences and ask questions and simple story telling. We also provide self-learning study materials which are available in the free lesson section, which includes the following:

  • List of pronouns
  • List of nouns, adjectives and verbs (based on different situations: at home, school, office, restaurant, etc)
  • Numbers
  • Simple conversation including most used vocabularies: greetings, asking direction, time, going shopping and bargaining

This program is suitable for those who would like to build confidence in speaking Indonesian in all aspects of the language. This course is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced classes which are uniquely designed for each student, so that an advanced student can have different lesson materials with other advanced students, based on his/her topics of interests.

A general Indonesian course provides you with all the language skills you need for every day’s communication. This includes maximum emphasis on speaking & listening skills using every day Indonesian in a wide range of situations.

– Courses are designed for your specific needs.
– All teaching materials provided are free of charge.
– One-on-one tuition with an English speaking Indonesian teacher.

This course also provides a good grounding in the language that you can use as a base for more advanced study, such as Business Indonesian and other specialist Indonesians (legal, medical, etc).

What to Learn in Conversational and General Indonesian Class

The language in elementary classes tend to be rather formal, which is the sort of language you will be using if you are on business or if you want to carry out tasks such as booking hotel rooms and asking for information. In intermediate and advanced classes we can introduce you to the more informal, chatting language you are likely to want to use among friends. That is not to say that it is slang. It is very good, natural, conversational Indonesian.

At the elementary levels you will learn about basic Indonesian grammar and mostly used vocabularies. At the intermediate and advanced level you will be taught more advanced grammar and understand reading passages and dialogues. Some of the topics are:

? Greetings and introduction
? Saying numbers
? Telling time
? Sentence building and asking questions
? Basic Indonesian grammar
? Asking direction
? Shopping (including bargaining, asking about sizes, colors, etc)
? Buying tickets (airplane, train, etc)
? Story telling

As for those who are in upper intermediate or advanced levels, you will be given a different topic in each learning session, ranging from funny stories, economics, life style, etc, which you later have to discuss with the tutor. As in the previous levels, the tutor will also give you vocabularies and teach you more advanced grammar. A different topic within the learning materials will be sent to you regularly by email. If this is still not enough, the tutor can also give you supplemental homework or special assignment.

For more information regarding our Indonesian class, please contact director@indonesianlanguage.net